Letzte Änderungen

1.9.10 27.06.2021
Replaced a deprecated function of SAX.

1.9.9 18.06.2021
Add support for Java EE EntityManagerFactory to JpaTransaction.
ObjectLogger does now limit the number of elements in arrays an lists.
Add support for Java 8 temporal types to ObjectLogger
Switched from Netbeans to IntelliJ and Maven

1.9.8 29.11.2019
Improve ObjectLogger:
Better performance in combination with SLF4J and Log4J.
Add support or hiding fields totally (e.g. serialVersionUID).
Add support for anonymous classes that implement only interfaces.

1.9.7 11.04.2019
Fix ObjectLogger throws an Exception in case of JAXBElement (nillable XSD types) in Java 11

1.9.6 11.04.2019
Update for Java 11 compatibility

1.9.5 12.10.2018
Fix wrong string format of XMLGregotianCalendar entries in ConvertingHashMap.
Fix XmlSlurper not duplicating sub-elements properly.

1.9.4 29.03.2018
Add JsonSlurper

1.9.3 05.03.2018
Add XmlSlurper
Add JpaTransaction


Butterfly Utilities Library

Die Butterfly Utilties sind meine persönliche Sammlung nützlicher Java Klassen.

Highlights sind:

Die Butterfly Utilities dürfen Sie frei downloaden und unter den Bedingungen der LGPL Lizenz nutzen.

Dokumentation, Quelltext, Bibliothek: bfUtilities.jar