Letzte Änderungen

1.9.1 03.03.2017
Improve ObjectLogger for enum types.

1.9.0 21.02.2017
Add new ObjectLogger class.

1.8.0 01.01.2017
Add new ConvertingHashMap class.

1.7.0 29.04.2015
Add new BackTraceFileHandler for Jboss/Wildfly logging.

1.6.0 04.05.2014
Renamed package de.butterfly to de.stefanfrings.
Added ApplicationFilter.closeAll() which is needed for web applications to prevent a classloader leak when the web app gets stopped.

1.5.4 28.04.2014
Fixed a memory leak in the close method of BackTraceAppender.

1.5.3 03.03.2013
TextReader now returns Strings instead of StringBuilder

1.5.2 17.01.2013
Fixed NullPointerException in CombinedURL.toString()

1.5.1 29.06.2012
Template engine: fixed skipping variables after other variables which value is shorter than the variable name.

1.5.0 17.12.2011
Added parameter-less constructor to TextFormatter, so it can be used within a logging.properties file.
- Added new class BackTraceAppender for Log4j for better logging in web applications.

1.4.3 17.09.2011
Fixed missing shutdown of timer threads in config classes. Only web applications were affected during restart and redeploy.

1.4.2 11.09.2011
Fixed NullPointerexception in ConfigInDB when used with MySQL 5.5.

1.4.1 17.05.2011
Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in ConfigInMemory



Butterfly Utilities Library

Die Butterfly Utilties sind meine persönliche Sammlung nützlicher Java Klassen.

Highlights sind:

Die Butterfly Utilities bfUtilities-src.zip dürfen Sie frei downloaden und unter den Bedingungen der LGPL Lizenz nutzen. Siehe auch die API Dokumentation.