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 CDualFileLoggerLogs messages into two log files simultaneously
 CFileLoggerLogger that uses a text file for output
 CHttpConnectionHandlerAlias for QSslConfiguration if OpenSSL is not supported
 CHttpConnectionHandlerPoolPool of http connection handlers
 CHttpCookieHTTP cookie as defined in RFC 2109
 CHttpListenerListens for incoming TCP connections and and passes all incoming HTTP requests to your implementation of HttpRequestHandler, which processes the request and generates the response (usually a HTML document)
 CHttpRequestThis object represents a single HTTP request
 CHttpRequestHandlerThe request handler generates a response for each HTTP request
 CHttpResponseThis object represents a HTTP response, used to return something to the web client
 CHttpSessionThis class stores data for a single HTTP session
 CHttpSessionStoreStores HTTP sessions and deletes them when they have expired
 CLoggerDecorates and writes log messages to the console, stderr
 CLogMessageRepresents a single log message together with some data that are used to decorate the log message
 CStaticFileControllerDelivers static files
 CTemplateEnhanced version of QString for template processing
 CTemplateCacheCaching template loader, reduces the amount of I/O and improves performance on remote file systems
 CTemplateLoaderLoads localized versions of template files
 CQtServiceThe QtService is a convenient template class that allows you to create a service for a particular application type
 CQtServiceBaseAPI for implementing Windows services and Unix daemons
 CQtServiceControllerAllows you to control services from separate applications