QtServiceSysPrivate Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  { QTSERVICE_STARTUP = 256 }

Public Member Functions

void setStatus (DWORD dwState)
void setServiceFlags (QtServiceBase::ServiceFlags flags)
DWORD serviceFlags (QtServiceBase::ServiceFlags flags) const
bool available () const
void handleCustomEvent (QEvent *e)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QtUnixServerSocket
 QtUnixServerSocket (const QString &path, QObject *parent=0)
 QtUnixServerSocket (QObject *parent=0)
void setPath (const QString &path)
void close ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void WINAPI serviceMain (DWORD dwArgc, wchar_t **lpszArgv)
static void WINAPI handler (DWORD dwOpcode)

Public Attributes

char * ident
QtServiceBase::ServiceFlags serviceFlags
QStringList serviceArgs
QWaitCondition condition
QMutex mutex
QSemaphore startSemaphore
QSemaphore startSemaphore2

Static Public Attributes

static QtServiceSysPrivateinstance = 0
static QCoreApplication::EventFilter nextFilter = 0

Protected Member Functions

void incomingConnection (tSocketDescriptor socketDescriptor) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE

Detailed Description

Definition at line 280 of file qtservice_unix.cpp.

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