QtWebApp Documentation
Stefan Frings QtWebApp supports you in writing server-side web application in C++ based on the Qt toolkit. It is a light-weight implementation inspired by Java Servlets.


  • HttpListener is a HTTP 1.1 web server with support for
    • HTTPS
    • IP v4 and IP v6
    • persistent connections
    • pipelining
    • file uploads
    • cookies
    • dynamic thread pool
    • optional file cache in StaticFileController
    • optional sessions via HttpSessionStore
  • The Template engine supports
    • multi languages via TemplateLoader
    • optional file cache via TemplateCache
    • for all text based file formats
  • The Logger classes provide
    • automatic backups and file rotation
    • configurable message format, see LogMessage
    • messages may contain thread-local info variables
    • optional ring-buffer to improve performance and reduce disk usage
    • apply configuration changes without restart
  • The QtService class
    • Runs the application as a Windows service or Unix daemon

If you write a real application based on this source, take a look into the Demo applications. They set up a single listener on port 8080, however multiple listeners with individual configurations are also possible.

To set up a HA system with loadsharing and/or failover, I recommend an Apache HTTP server with mod_proxy and sticky sessions