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No issues have been reported since february 2019.

2.2.21 14.02.2019
Fixed missing include for the waitpid() function.

2.2.20 26.11.2007
Bugfix: script did not concatenate long messages on Fedora.

2.2.19 21.11.2007
Longer filenames for received messages to allow much more files in the queue directory. The function unlock() has been renamed to fix a name conflict in QNX.

2.2.18 28.06.2007
Bugfix: Missing last digit in phone numbers in received messages.

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SMS Server Tools 2

The SMS Server Tools have been made to send and receive short messages using GSM modems. It may be used for text messages with 7, 8 and 16 Bit character set as well as for binary messages.

To send short messages, you need to create a simple text file in a spool directory. The program monitors that directory and sends new files automatically. Received messages are stored into text files in another spool directory.

The SMS Server Tools can execute external programs or scripts on events, for example when a file has been sent or received. Such programs are used to store received messages in a database, automatically generate responses, forward as email, ... whatever you like.

The program runs on any Unix version, as well as Windows. You need a C compiler to build the program (e.g. gcc).

You may download the for free and use the software under the terms and conditions of the GPL license. The Book SMS Applications explain, how to use that Software.

Please note that the Book refers to sub-programs called "getsms" and "putsms". They do not exist anymore because they have been integrated into the main program "smsd".

Many Linux distributions contain a fork of my project that can be found here. There is also a discussion foum.


The current high quality of the program is not only the result of my own work. Some people tested the program in production environments and suggested bug fixes. I'm thankful for their help.